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Heating one liter of water in the Kona Cooker
Photographs of a thermometer poking out of a pot lid with water being heated in a Kona Cooker.

Water pasteurizes at 150F/65C to make it safe from germs.
The text below the images tell the time and temperature along with consequences for each temperature stage.

If a pot with a tight fitting lid is used the contents should heat faster than this demonstration.

0 minutes 69F/21C
Cool water. Cooking pot is not in Kona Cooker yet.

15 minutes 89F/32C
Warm water. Food would be heating.

33 minutes 109F/43C
Very warm water. Food would continue to heat.

1 hour 14 minutes 150F/66C
At this temperature water will pasteurize.

1 hour 44 minutes 175F/79C
At this temperature food pasteurizes. At 180F/82C food cooks.

2 hours 4 minutes 189F/87C
Food continues cooking.Steam is escaping from the cooking pot.

2 hours 28 minutes 198F/92C
Extremely hot water. Recommened water temperature for brewing fresh coffee or tea.

2 hours 58 minutes 203F/95C
Very close to boiling point of 212F/100C. It is difficult to reach boiling since the water cools as the steam escapes and this pot used has a hole for the thermometer and a loose fitting lid.