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The Kona Cooker is a great tool for educators to explore solar energy with their students. Students will enjoy building the Kona Cooker and everyone loves to eat the food that comes out of it. The Kona Cooker is also great for science fair projects due to its low cost and ease of use.

The Kona Cooker is very cost effective since many pre-built solar cookers are expensive and are constructed of glass and mirrors making them fragile. Buy one Kona Cooker pattern and make enough cookers for a classroom full of students.

The Kona Cooker also facilitates educators in Hawaii to meet the new Science Content Standards in public schools. Lessons, for Malama I Ka Aina: Sustainability on Conservation of Resources along with Cycle of Matter and Energy Flow, can be implemented using the Kona Cooker.

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Make sure you visit the message forum area where you and other educators can share information on how to teach students about solar energy.

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