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Welcome to the Kona Cooker website featuring affordable, easy to build solar cookers for everybody.

Kona Cookers
A pair of Kona Cookers at the beach cooking up a tasty lunch.

Why buy an expensive solar cooker when you can buy our plans and build your own? This is a full-sized pattern, not some little diagram in a book. These cookers are easy to build and you can make enough cookers to make a real meal for your family instead of only cooking a one pot meal. The Kona Cooker will also pasteurize water.

Kona Cookers are great because:

  • No fuel is involved (it's powered by the sun)
  • Safe to use in dry, fire hazard areas where open fires are not allowed
  • Folds flat for easy transport and storage
  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • Educational
  • Fun to make and use
  • Makes a great gift

Check out our website via the links on the left for photos and information on the Kona Cooker. Aloha!

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